Friday, November 16, 2007

Cat warns couple of carbon monoxide leak

A cat named Oreo is being credited for nipping a carbon monoxide leak in the bud.
Jeanie Probst said her cat began to act strangely since she began using her heater in the past couple of weeks. "He came out here yelling," Probst said.
Oreo would run in circles under the vent or jump onto the back of a chair, stare at the register and make loud noises, she said."It was one of those scary meows", Probst said.
Once the heat would go off, Oreo would act normal again.
Probst said she and her boyfriend began to realize they were getting headaches and feeling tired. They called MidAmerican Energy, which discovered the furnace was pumping carbon monoxide into their Cedar Rapids, Iowa apartment, and a technician fixed it.

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