Saturday, December 15, 2007

Schoolgirl told to sit outside class – for smelling of Lenor

An eight-year-old girl was segregated from her classmates because her teacher is allergic to the fabric softener on her clothes.
Hope Nichols was made to work in a corridor on one occasion and moved to the back of the class.
Mom Sarahjane, of Thoresby Avenue, Gaywood, thought it was a joke at first when the school asked her to change her fabric conditioner brand, but then explained Lenor was the only one which does not irritate Hope's eczema and dermatitis.
She was later sent a letter from Gaywood's Howard Junior School headteacher Gregory Hill demanding a doctor's note to prove Hope has a skin condition.
Mr Hill had warned Mrs Nichols that if she did not reduce the amount of softener she uses or swap brands, Hope's class teacher may have to have time off work because of a "severe allergy to perfumes and fragrances".
Mrs Nichols said: "It's just totally bizarre. I've never heard anything like it in my life."

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