Sunday, March 30, 2008

Landlord demands family pay rent for deceased daughter

The family of a Liverpool student who died in January has been threatened with legal action over rent on her digs. The parents of Shauna McCann said the letting agents, Wavertree-based Bpm Services Ltd, had caused them “undue stress and worry.”
Shauna was in her final year of a special needs teaching degree at Hope University when she died aged 19 of natural causes on January 29. The teenager, from Bessbrook, in Newry, Northern Ireland, had rented a house with three girls in Carsdale Road, Mossley Hill.
Despite the tragedy, Bpm is demanding her father Kevin pay monthly amounts of £216.67 until June as he “agreed to guarantee his daughter’s rent payments in full for the whole of the period of the tenancy.”

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that legal action will be taken to recover any unpaid rent, as agreed by both Miss McCann and Mr McCann (as guarantor) on the tenancy agreement.”
Bpm denied being unsympathetic and said it had “offered Mr McCann the opportunity to spread the burden of the payments over as many months as his budget permits.” Shauna’s family said: “We are trying to the best of our ability to come to terms with the loss of our precious daughter. This whole issue has caused us undue stress and worry.”

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