Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strollers for high rollers: baby buggy costs £1,750

It is the ultimate in buggy-bling: the baby-stroller for the infant - and parents - who must have everything. More Top Gear than Mothercare, the latest pushchair from California harks back to classic 1950s hot rods, with chrome trim kit options, teardrop fenders and surround sound to let the baby rock while you are rolling. The top of the range tailfin Roddler from Kid Kustoms will set parents back at least $3,500 (about £1,750). Customised paint jobs, suede or leather upholstered bucket seats and even brake lights are among extras available. Kid Kustoms' director, Jamie Coblentz, said: "Our Roddlers start with a timeless design and let you build in a host of accessories. It gives the customer a blank canvas. "It's a lot of fun to conceive your own model and I love helping the customers choose their colors and such like." Gone are the days of being relegated to pushing your child in something as stylish as a shopping cart. Our buggies are really made the same way a car is, only without the production line. In essence it's the same as having a custom hot rod for your kids." Five buggies a day are built at the firm's Californian workshop. For those who want a more affordable runaround, $2,000 will buy a Roddler without the custom options. For an extra $500, parents get a choice of eight pearly paint jobs and accessories.

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