Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ostrich Egg is what for Dinner

It is "perfect for a very large family" - an ostrich egg 24 times the size of a normal hen's. Waitrose, the supermarket chain, has just started selling the eggs which can weigh in at almost 4.4lb (2kg). Diners are advised that a simple tap of a spoon is unlikely to break the shell - a roasting spike or a domestic drill is more suitable.
And those hoping to "go to work on ostrich egg" might think twice and save that particular treat for the weekend, as they can take an hour to boil. They can also be hard-boiled, scrambled and fried - with a very large frying pan - just like chicken or duck eggs, said a spokesman. "They are also very good for meringues because the white is much lighter than chickens' eggs," she added. Waitrose has introduced the eggs, which cost £15.99, at 19 stores and hopes to attract cooks looking to experiment.

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