Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Doctors Should Not Be Doctors

Girl, 13, may be paralyzed by disease that baffled doctors
A schoolgirl who has been left bed-ridden with a serious illness for six months, was only diagnosed after her mother looked up her symptoms on the Internet.
Danielle Fisher, 13, fell ill in October and doctors were baffled by her mysterious condition.
Her mother Dominique, 35, took her to the doctors after she began suffering from viral meningitis-like symptoms, including severe headaches and fatigue.
Over the next few months, Danielle's condition worsened as her eyes became ultra-sensitive to light and she began suffering from vertigo and shortness of breath.

Danielle Fisher has been left bed-ridden by Lyme Disease after doctors failed to diagnose the condition for six months

'The last time she was in, the doctor said there's nothing wrong with her, she needs a psychiatrist, which I knew was wrong, the poor girl could hardly walk.'
Frustrated at the lack of an appropriate diagnosis, Dominique, who is an estate agent, was so worried that she began doing some research herself on the Internet into Danielle's symptoms.
Diagnosis She was shocked to discover her daughter's illness may have been caused by a bite from a tick, a tiny spider-like blood-sucking parasite which usually feeds off animals.
Dominique said, 'I'd begun doing some research myself by then as she had severe vertigo, couldn't walk any more and had severe muscle and joint pain.
'I came across Lyme Disease and it just seemed to fit. There's a lot of controversy over the treatment of the disease and over diagnosing the disease.
Man suffers broken ankle but LOSES the leg
A man had his leg amputated after doctor fitted him with a plaster cast that was too tight.
Tom Talks, 80, broke his ankle and had a cast fitted at Bury's Fairfield Hospital - but his leg swelled up.
The retired engineer returned there in agony every day for almost two weeks, and asked medics to loosen his plaster.
He said on one occasion he was forced wait several hours before a doctor insisted there was no swelling.
Mr Talks eventually collapsed and was rushed to hospital where doctors found an infection so severe he had urgent surgery to amputate his leg above the knee.
He also suffered a heart attack and kidney failure.
Five weeks on, his is still being treated in North Manchester General Hospital.
Bosses of Pennine Acute Trust, which runs Fairfield and North Manchester General, have launched an investigation.
Mr Talks said from his hospital bed: 'Every day for a week I begged them to release the pressure. It felt like my leg was trying to burst out of its skin.
'When the surgeon asked me for my permission to amputate my leg, he told me I was very lucky to be alive. He said by the day after, I would have been a dead man.
'I knew my wife couldn't cope with losing me, so I told him to amputate my leg.
'I'm not angry about what happened, that only leads to bitterness, but I want them to find out what went wrong so this doesn't happen to another patient.

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