Thursday, August 7, 2008

88 on 8/8/08

Darrell Grinnell's favorite card game is 500, but this year it might as well be Crazy Eights. Grinnell will celebrate his 88th birthday Friday, on 8/8/08. "We've never really celebrated my birthday before," he said. "We get each other cards and eat out sometimes, but nothing really grand or spectacular." This birthday, however, really does call for a celebration. Darrell has undergone a series of three spinal surgeries in the past year. "Other than that, my health's been pretty good," said the octogenarian, who still dabbles in woodworking. "I've had health problems, but I feel good." He and his wife, Jean, who turned 88 in June, will mark the milestone with a gathering of family and friends. If they track down the whole family, the gathering will be a big one.

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