Monday, August 11, 2008

Dogs Adopted Orphan Deer

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Are You My Mommy?
The dogs immediately accepted the lost deer when they found him shivering by the Thompsons' front gate just an hour or so after he had been born.
'We can't release him into the park here because there are too many people about. Bam Bam is not afraid of humans and we're worried that this may make him dangerous.
'He already gives us a nudge when he wants to eat and it's not so bad because he's only little but imagine what a nudge could do when he's got a fine pair of antlers.'
The Thompsons will be sad to lose such a treasured member of the family but they know they can't keep him forever and plan to set him free once he's fully grown.
Next year they intend to rehome Bam Bam in a private park where he will be able to join a herd and finally learn how to be a deer.

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