Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cat rescued from road pillar

Rescue crews were called in to help a cat caught between 70 and 80 feet in the air.Blake McGee happened to be walking along the street around I-10 near the beltway when he heard a cat crying for help. He looked up and noticed the cat stuck in the small gap on a pillar which supports the overpass. That's about six stories high. McGee called the SPCA, who in turn contacted a company that has a cherry picker with a bucket. Together they were able to coax the cat closer with food and bring the scared animal down.
SPCA investigator Charles Jantzen says it appears the cat fell through an expansion joint on the freeway and landed on the pillar. The cat is being checked out by the SPCA. They say the animal is dehydrated and may have been stuck up there for quite a while. McGee, the person who first spotted the cat, says he will try to adopt the animal.

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