Sunday, March 29, 2009

For you Cat Lovers

The SnoozePal™ Hammock-in-a-Box
Here is a box in which your cat will happily hang out for hours. Made of heavy-duty cardboard, it encloses a comfy hammock to snuggle in, gives your kitty an elevated spot off the ground, and has porthole windows to keep an eye on the neighborhood. What else does a happy cat need?
And, yes, the box is extremely durable and its hard, smooth surface discourages scratching. SnoozePal™ is absolutely the cutest thing ever!
Elegant cat hammock will make you and your cat happy!
This is the cat hammock your cat will love, the best cat bed to rest in, especially after some vigorous cat tree climbing. The cat hammock molds to your cat's shape, providing it with a sense of warmth, security, and ultimate comfort.

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