Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woman and Her Best Friend

Devoted dog Chushla saves owner from diabetic attack three times a week.
Devoted dog Chushla saves her owner's life every week - by smelling the onset of a diabetic attack.
The Bedlington-whippet cross detects a scent when Elizabeth Wilkinson's blood sugar levels drop dangerously low - up to three times a week - and nibbles her hand to alert her.
Elizabeth, 54, a type one diabetic for over 40 years, has just one of six registered hypoalert dogs in Britain which can smell a hypoglycemia attack.
The mother-of-three, who could fall into a coma and die unless she gets carbohydrates, first realised her pet could detect it when she was a puppy.
Elizabeth, from Downham Market, Norfolk, said: "I had her for just a few weeks when she started nibbling my neck.
"I used to be scared to go out after I collapsed in a coma while shopping in Cambridge. Now Chushla means the world to me. She is my little life-saver."

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