Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family of ducks goes through shop to reach river

A proud mother duck has escorted her 11 fluffy ducklings on a waddle towards their local river - through a busy shop. Staff at the Kidney Research UK charity outlet in St Ives, Cambs, have escorted duck families from their nest in the shop's backyard to the nearby river for the past seven years. It is 100 yards through the store, across pavements and a busy road to the River Great Ouse quayside, where they then make a three-foot plop into the water.
The watchful mother kept a beady eye on her inquisitive brood in case they decided to indulge in a spot of browsing on their journey. Shop manager Carol Andrews said: "It's quite an annual event now. The ducks come through and head over to the river. We opened seven years ago and it's been going on ever since. It's very sweet as they waddle through." Staff have no idea why the mother duck set up camp in the shop's 10-foot by 20-foot yard, which backs onto the rear of other shops and houses, but said their annual visitors are delightful.
With more photos.

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