Sunday, April 26, 2009

Future King of England Going Bald at 26

Young Prince William, the future kind of England, is beginning to molt at age 26, sending everyone into a tizzy. Prince William may be struggling to cover up his bald spot but until now he has managed to conceal the fact that at 26 he still wears a brace on his teeth.

Even his own staff had not noticed that he was wearing it until it was spotted while he was meeting excited children during a visit to Staffordshire yesterday. William has had the wire in place behind his bottom teeth ever since his braces were removed when he was 16.
A St James’s Palace spokesman said: "Prince William has used a permanent support for his bottom teeth for 10 years as part of routine treatment.


Tattoo Jim said...

I don't seriously think he'll ever be King of England. Not by a long shot

Anonymous said...

well, @Tettoo Jim, he is. so GO STICK IT INNNA JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT!!!