Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome To My Beautiful America

Movies provided on this site, and a brief description of each:
My Beautiful America - A pictorial tour around the country comprising all 50 states.[View Movie]
Beautiful Dixie - A pictorial tour of the South. Before you email me as to what states comprises Dixie, I found during my research that it depends on what reference you read, and at what time in history you refer to. The states that I chose to use as "Dixie" seem to be described in the majority of references in the time period at the start of the Civil war.[View Movie]
The Living Desert - We spent a lot of time RV'ing and camping in the desert during the fall, winter, and spring months during my Navy career years in and around the San Diego, CA area. During those times, we learned to see the real beauty of the desert - the many kinds of blooming cacti, the multitude of wildflowers, the fossils, and various rock formations. Therefore, I made this Flash Movie to help show the real beauty of the desert.[View Movie]
Our National Parks - A pictorial tour of our nation's beautiful National Parks. In our travels, the wife and I have visited 34 of the 57 National Parks. Out of a total of 57 in country National Parks, 47 are depicted in this movie clip.[View Movie]
Surf's Up - USA - This is a pictorial tour of America's beaches. The soundtrack is a mix of surf guitar music.[View Movie]
Surf's Up - World - This is a pictorial tour of beaches around the world. The soundtrack is a mix of more surf guitar music. [View Movie]

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