Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wrong lenses blunder left Rubie, 2, dizzy

Glasses leave toddler disorientated after opticians fit lenses wrong way round
It was a routine visit to Specsavers for a pair of replacement glasses.
But when toddler Rubie Williams got home and put them on she kept bumping into things - because opticians had fitted the lenses the wrong way round.
It meant her good eye was looking through a lens for longsightedness and her affected eye through clear glass. The gaffe left the two-year-old dizzy and disorientated.
After a month stumbling around, mum Krystal stopped her wearing them. It was only during a routine hospital visit to check on Rubie's lazy eye that doctors spotted the mistake.
Krystal, 19, said: "I went to Specsavers because I had seen their Should Have Gone To Specsavers adverts.
"I now realize I shouldn't have gone to Specsavers. I'm worried this mistake could have damaged her eyes long-term." Doctors said Rubie had suffered no permanent damage but she will need further tests.
Krystal got the glasses from her local Specsavers store in Shirley, Hants. Bosses gave her a new pair for free. Retail chief Leighton Simmons said: "We regret the problems Rubie had."

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