Friday, October 30, 2009

Man Leaves $1.7 Million Estate To Cats

A Raleigh man has left his nearly $1.7 million estate to four North Carolina cat charities.
Emil Campbell died suddenly last month and left instructions for his lawyer to bequeath his entire estate to cats.
Attorney Bobby Khot said Campbell left the money to four charities: Snowflake Animal Rescue, Marley's Cat Tales, SAFE Haven for Cats and Second Chance Pet Adoptions.
A spokeswoman for Snowflake Animal Rescue said her organization typically gets less than $6,000 a year in donations. She said she had to read the letter about Campbell's donation twice before she believed it.
Khot said his client didn't work at a high paying job but was very frugal and saved money. He said Campbell had one surviving daughter.

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