Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scots Island kids must take two-minute plane journey to get to school

A small group of Scots children are bringing new meaning to "flying lessons" as they use the shortest scheduled air route in the world to get to school.
It is all due to the temporary loss of their normal ferry service.
Holly Crocker, Leanne Cursiter, Solan and Cassia Dodman, Shane Houston and Rowan Pierce, all aged 13 and 14, will make a two minute flight from Papa Westray to Westray in the Orkney Islands to go to Westray Junior High.
The distance covered is just over a mile - shorter than the runway at Glasgow airport.
The Loganair school run service will last until the end of the year, when the ferry returns to service.
Meanwhile, the kids will fly four times a week and stay overnight twice a week with families on Westray - which has about 60 residents - while Papa Westray is home to just 70 people.
Loganair boss Jonathan Hinkles said: "The flight is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds shortest. It is a popular tourist route for many visitors to Scotland but it is also a vital link for people who live in Orkney.
"It will make all the difference in ensuring the children from Papa Westray can continue their schooling throughout the winter."
Westray Junior High head Willie McEwen said: "Our children will enjoy flying at this time of year, as it can be quite rough on the boat."

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