Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hayley the working dog

It's the slow time of year for the construction business in Mankato, Minnesota, but when your public relations representative is a Golden Retriever named Hayley; jobs for DeMars Construction in Mankato seem to come a little easier.
Hayley is able to climb up a ladder as well as any other on the team. "She's one of the guys, part of the crew," said owner Max DeMars. And like the crew, Hayley too can handle a two-by-four.
Since she was a pup, Hayley, now 10 years old, follows the crew wherever they go.
After hundreds of jobs over the years, she's got a pretty good handle on climbing up the ladder, even when nobody else is up on the roof.
One cold January day her solo trip nearly got her in some hot water.
The crew was working on an addition for the Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato when a neighbor spotted her on top of the building. The neighbor called police and a short time later an officer arrived. "The police officer came up and wanted to take her to the pound 'cause he thought it was just a stray dog," laughed DeMars. It took a bit of convincing, but Hayley showed the officer her trick and she was off the hook.
The construction dog has been back at it ever since, as she will likely help secure another gig with the kind of rooftop advertising she helped to bring this time around.

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