Friday, January 29, 2010

In the News

Young boy faces court for bee sting prank
A prank has had serious repercussions for an Indonesian boy facing criminal charges because he caused a classmate to be stung by a bee. The boy was alleged to have stuck a bee on the cheek of a female classmate as they returned home from school. Her father then filed a police report. The boy, whose name was not given, has not appeared in court because he is depressed and afraid. This could result in a maximum penalty of a 32-month jail sentence.
U.S. Considers 'Internet Access for All'
American citizens who can't access the Internet are at a severe disadvantage, experts say. According to Blair Levin, executive director of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Omnibus Broadband Initiative, more than three-quarters of U.S. companies now accept resumes only online.
Next month, the United States will introduce a national program aimed at giving every American access to a fast Internet connection, raising the standard from a dial-up connection to broadband. Unlike other nations, however, the U.S. will stop short of declaring broadband access a basic human right.
3-year-old dials 911 when grandmother has seizure
A 3-year-old Maple Shade, New Jersey boy called 911 when his grandmother had a seizure, something his mother says he learned to do just days before.
Jaden Bolli was at his Grandmother Patricia Bolli's home in Maple Shade on Jan. 22.
When the 54-year-old woman went to get out some puzzles, she had a seizure.
The boy found a phone and dialed 911 for help, calmly describing what happened.
Burlington County 911 Coordinator Monica Gavio says the call was very unusual. Usually, when a child that age dials 911 she says, it's an accident.
But Gavio says it shows that young children can be taught how to get help in an emergency.

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