Monday, February 8, 2010

Dog Saves Diabetic Owner!

Don Callahan rescued his four-legged companion, Wyatt Earp, at an adoption fair held at the Detroit Zoo five years ago. Now, Wyatt Earp has returned the favor.
On January 23, Callahan collapsed while on a walk with the dog by Rotary Park on 13 Mile Road. Drivers and pedestrians couldn't see Callahan as he lay in the dark on the sidewalk.
His loyal companion stayed by his side and barked incessantly. Finally, someone called the police about the dog being a nuisance. When police responded, they found Callahan and rushed him to the hospital.
Callahan who is a diabetic, went into a coma after his blood sugar level dropped to 18, far below normal levels.
Besides being thankful for Wyatt Earp, Callahan says he is thankful to Marlene Burgess who called the police about the barking dog, which brought him the help he so greatly needed.
Callahan is recuperating at home with Wyatt Earp right by his side.

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