Sunday, February 7, 2010

"I Have Been Prevented From Using My Own Driveway"

A blind man wakes up one morning and finds that the entrances to his driveway have been blocked by cement barriers. That man is suffering from physical disabilities has lost his sight and about two months ago underwent a kidney transplant. Naturally he could not witness with his own eyes the convoy which included a City of Toronto truck containing concrete blocks and two police vehicles, which arrived in his house and with a large crane blocked the two entrances to his driveway.
The city workers who blocked the driveway told Kadosh that it was too wide and needs to be narrowed down. They claimed they would do the job and then send him the bill. “The driveway was always this wide, even before I moved in. I never received any letter or even a phone call from them and the supervisor refused to give me a copy of the letter that was sent to my old address. The whole thing was done so quickly, in approximately half an hour so I couldn’t respond, and it was done in an insulting way with police on the scene. By blocking the driveway, they essentially prevented me from having access to my own house.”
The City of Toronto refused to comment on the issue. John Filion, a Toronto city councilor representing the ward Kadosh lives in, told Shalom Life that the driveway in Kadosh’s house is illegal. “There were more than ten cars parked on that driveway, making the whole thing illegal. He was given repeated notices to correct the illegalities and had ignored them.” Filion could not comment on the way the matter was handled by city employees or why the letter was sent to Kadosh’s old address in Thornhill.
Kadosh said that he never parked more than two cars on his driveway and so the city’s allegations were untrue.

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