Monday, February 1, 2010

No wonder this dog was feeling ruff

X-ray shows why family pet Gracey was as sick as a dog - a 6-inch pair of surgical scissor clamps inside her for two years.
They were mistakenly left behind after an operation to spay her as a puppy. A different vet operated to remove them - and the Rottweiler-cross is now fighting fit. Owner Trudi Deja-Summers, of High Halden, Kent said: "Before the first op Gracey was happy but after it she wouldn't stop growling."
Eventually Gracey went lame in one leg and an X-ray revealed the cause - the scissor clamps. The vet who left them there apologized and offered to pay the £600 bill for the operation to remove them.
Trudi said: "Gracey is now coming to me for big hugs again."

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