Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boy of 14 who shot a girl in the eye is let off for being 'too young'

A boy of 14 who shot a girl in the eye has escaped punishment — because it is claimed he’s too young to realize what he was doing.
Lorna De-Ste-Croix, 15, was nearly blinded after the lead pellet from an air rifle embedded in her eye.
Her attacker, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was arrested. But now the Crown Prosecution Service say he will not go to court — because he is not old enough to understand the danger of his actions.
A CPS letter to the family says there is “insufficient evidence” to proceed with a charge of grievous bodily harm. It adds: “The prosecution would have to prove the youth intended to cause injury or was reckless. “Although an adult ought to know that one should never pull a trigger of a gun if there is anyone in front of him, such sensible considerations may not be expected of a youth.”

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