Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hide and go seek

Manhunt finds missing boy – asleep under bed.

Police with dogs, dozens of neighbors and a helicopter spent two hours searching for a missing five-year-old boy who eventually turned up — asleep under his bed. A search was launched for Alex Olver — during which 11 people rummaged through his bedroom — after his parents reported him missing on Tuesday evening in Saltash, Cornwall. The town mayor, a local football team, troupes of teenagers and elderly residents all turned out to help search. But Alex was eventually discovered by a sniffer dog safe and well covered by a blanket under his bed. Alex's mother, Clare Olver, 35, yesterday described him as "a cheeky little monkey — who sleeps like a log". Mrs Olver said seven people and four police officers searched the house from top to bottom looking for Alex. "The dog handler came in and went upstairs," she said. "I then heard him shout 'Look what I found' and he came downstairs with Alex asleep across his chest."

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