Monday, January 7, 2008

Man has slept in the same bedroom for 100 years

After more than 30,000 mornings waking up in the same room it is tempting to think that Douglas Mathews might have fancied a change of scene.
But 100 years after he was delivered there by a doctor who arrived on horseback on Jan 5 1908, the centenarian farmer and great-grandfather insists there really is no place like home.
During his childhood and teens he slept in the room in the village of Staverton in South Devon, shared it with his wife Mabel until her death in 1996, and on Saturday woke in it to celebrate his 100th birthday.
The father-of-two said: "I still sleep in the same bedroom where I was delivered." I don't remember it of course. But I was told Dr Williams, our family doctor, had to ride on horseback through thick snow to get there. "There have been changes over the years but I never needed to move. At my age I certainly have no intention of changing bedrooms now."

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