Thursday, June 4, 2009

I’m sharing my £7.5m Lotto win with orphans

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Like millions of others, the mother-of-five had dreamed of winning the Lottery and buying cars, houses and designer clothes.
But she also had another wish — to help the plight of countless starving children in Ethiopia she had seen on television over the years.
So when Jane scooped a £7.5million jackpot five months ago, she immediately started planning her trip to the African country.
Speaking exclusively for the first time since her win, Jane, 48, says: "Winning the Lotto has changed my life and now I want to help change the lives of others.
"I’ll never forget seeing the faces of so many beautiful children left poor and starving by events in Ethiopia and I wanted to go and see how I could help.
"In the end life is all about luck. Because of my good fortune, I will never have to worry about money again but these children have been left vulnerable and orphaned by problems that aren’t their fault."
Jane traveled to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa last week and headed straight to the Kidane Mehret Children’s Home, which cares for 120 orphans. The youngest is three days old, the oldest 17 years.
Run by Maltese nuns sister Lutgarda and sister Camilla for the past 40 years, it takes in orphaned and needy children from the street and provides them with shelter, food, clothing and love.
The cramped orphanage is run purely on donations and can only feed the kids three small meals a day. Meat is a once-a-week treat and toys and books are scarce.
But Jane was struck by how contented the kids seemed despite having so little.
Close to tears, she says: "To have the opportunity to come here and see and feel the pride these children have is incredible.

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