Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trouble in the golf world but isn't about Tiger Woods.

It's about William and Dorothy Abbott who built a home in North Naples in the mid '80s. It was nothing but “scraggly farm land” at the time. Then in 1993 developers built the Stonebridge golf course next to their home.
Now golf balls rain down on their home every day.
Most land with a soft thud in the well-kept lawn. But some crash through their living room windows, smash garden ornaments crack the concrete roof tiles and rip holes through their lanai screens, reports the Naples Daily News.
Their home and yard get pelted with up to 200 golf balls a month. In letters dating to 1995, the golf course has repeatedly claimed no responsibility for errant shots by its golfers. Stonebridge plans to redesign its course, which may help the matter.
After 15 years, the Abbotts said they’re looking for peace and quiet, and an end to it all.