Friday, June 12, 2009

The Authentic 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic.

This is the 6' long, remote controlled reproduction of the RMS Titanic that includes authentic period details for the most discriminating nautical enthusiast. Painstakingly reproduced at 1:150 scale and involving over 400 man-hours in its assembly, the model is constructed from over 300 individually handcrafted pieces, including sculpted cedar strips that overlay the molded fiberglass hull, white maple planks (stained to replicate the color of the originals) for the decking, and mahogany for various superstructures. Injection molded plastic is used for the railings, windows, doors, and funnels, laser-cut for precise replication. The boat deck includes lifeboats flanked by davits that were used to lower the lifeboats overboard. Other details include the yellow funnel water pipes, cowl ventilators, cranes, docking deck (the rear raised deck with wheel), winches, bollards, and anchor crane. A foremast and mainmast are rigged with shrouds, ratlines, stays, and the Marconi aerial that spans the ship from mast to mast. Two rechargeable batteries provide up to three hours of cruising power for three 550-watt electric motors that drive each of the three propellers, producing a gentle cruising speed of 5 mph on calm water. Minor assembly required. Requires a three-hour recharge. The remote controls the ship from up to 75'--requires eight AA batteries (not included). 72" L x 8" W x 20" H. (25 lbs.)

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