Sunday, September 30, 2007

Did You HUG Someone Today?

The storm is heading your way

Chicago Suburb Uses Humor Stop Signs

OAK LAWN, Ill — A big red sign that says "Stop" sometimes isn't enough to get everyone to stop. Maybe a laugh will get their attention.
This Chicago suburb has installed second stop signs beneath the regular ones at 50 intersections with messages, including "WHOAAA" or "Stop ... and smell the roses."
"I thought it might make people smile and take notice," Mayor Dave Heilmann said as he launched the campaign Friday. "You've got people on their cell phones, their BlackBerries and iPods while driving. Those are all distractions. Hopefully, when they see a sign they're not expecting it might make them stop."
These are Clearly Photoshop.

OAK LAWN Traffic signs offer humor with a message

Oak Lawn gets quirky new stop signs
STOP . . .Oak Lawn's funky signs: • *In the Naame of Love • *And Smell the Roses • *Really. You Gotta Stop. • *Right There Pilgrim • *Or We'll Hunt You Down • *Hold it Right There Buster • *Then You Can Go • *Whoa Wait a Minute • *Stop Pleeeease • *Or the Police Will Yell at You • *Not an Optional Sign • *It's Really Self-Explanatory • *Means That You Aren't Moving • *Even When No One's Looking • *Whoa • *Billion Dollar Fine

The new signs are red octagons, just like the real stop signs, but instead of just "Stop" they say "Stop ... right there pilgrim" and "Stop ... in the naame of love." Naame? Think of the drawn-out pronunciation in the hit by the Supremes.
It might be too soon to know whether the alternative signs will work. But while the mayor was posing for a photo with one of the new signs, a driver sped by without stopping.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Glasswing Butterfly....................

Lives in South America
A butterfly with transparent wings is rare and beautiful. As delicate as finely blown glass, the presence of this rare tropical gem is used by rain forest ecologists as an indication of high habitat quality and its demise alerts them of ecological change.

Rivaling the refined beauty of a stained glass window, the translucent wings of the Glasswing butterfly shimmer in the sunlight like polished panes of turquoise, orange, green, and red.

Somebody - QUICK! - turn the water on!!!

What are you looking at?
What are you two doing?

The Surfer Bike

Perhaps no surprise that this is the brainchild of an Australian who likes cycling. This is the StreetSurfer, a contraption that looks like a bike, but is handled like a surfboard. Its unusual four front wheels allow the rider to negotiate obstacles more easily and maneuver the machine using their body weight, rather than the handlebars. Tony Varrone was inspired to create the StreetSurfer after seeing a bicycle prototype with the front wheel replaced by four skateboard wheels in 1998.

Bear rescued from under a California bridge

A 250-pound bear stranded under a bridge near Lake Tahoe was saved by an army of rescuers, a tranquilizer dart and a nylon net bought at an Army surplus store. It was walking across the span on Highway 40 near Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada when at least two oncoming cars spooked it, causing it to jump over the railing.

At one point it was dangling over the edge of the 80-foot-high bridge, but it caught a ledge and pulled itself onto a concrete girder beneath the bridge. Officials initially decided nothing could be done, but when they returned the next morning and found it sleeping on the ledge, they decided to take action.
Volunteers strung the net beneath the bridge and an animal control officer shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart. After the bear lost consciousness, volunteers used a pole to push it into the net, then lowered the bear onto the floor of the granite-strewn ravine as more than 100 spectators cheered.
With slideshow and news video.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Serious Gamer

This Girl Loves Computer Games
I am guessing it is a NEC Plasma.

Girls are nolonger nice and sweet

Police break up brawl at Chuck E. Cheese
Police were called to break up a weekend fight among a rowdy group of teenage girls at the family-themed pizza restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese.
There was more than a dozen girls, between 13 and 16 years old, went berserk in the restaurant's lobby Saturday night, police said.Witnesses said the fight erupted with two girls using profanities near the front entrance and ended with several girls involved in a physical fight.
The group had apparently been dropped off and left alone at the restaurant, known for its singing and dancing animatronics rodents.Assistant Police Chief Alfred Sexton said the incident wasn't the first time Chuck E. Cheese was nearly overrun by unruly teens.
» Article here

That's Not in my Job Description

Road Workers Paint Stripes Over Road Kill Instead of Moving it....
This shows how lazy we are getting.

Two-headed turtle

The two-headed red slider turtle has turned up at a reptile center in Pennsylvania, where owners are amazed by its freak appearance.
The unnamed curiosity has two heads on opposite sides of a single shell, as well as six legs and a combined tail.
A collector in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, passed the freak of nature to Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton.
Jay Jacobi, the shop's exotic reptile manager, said: "The two heads seem to have their own thoughts, operating independently."
There are more photos and a news video on this page.

Not Bad Manners But Good Food

Here's a Burping Elephant

'Scohol' zone

Does that mean I can have all the Krispy Kremes I want to eat?


Did You Know.......

What Twinkies are made from?
America is well-known across the globe as a country with an obesity problem, a problem that's become so bad, our snacking habits have turned us into a so-called "Twinkie nation."
Over 500 million of the popular golden cakes are sold each year, but what exactly are they made of? CBS 2's Dr. Holly Phillips decided to dissect the anatomy of a Twinkie, worshiped today on sites across the Web and even on the big screen.
Dr. Phillips says there are 39 ingredients packed into the dessert, and all but one are processed. The ingredients cellulose gum, calcium sulfate, and polysorbate 60 are also used in sheetrock, shampoo, laundry detergent, and even rocket fuel.
Author Steve Ettlinger spent five years tracking down the source of every ingredient found in a Twinkie. "I was surprised that so many not only came from petroleum, but at least five came from rocks," Ettlinger says.
The vitamins, artificial flavors, and colorings all come from petroleum. Phosphates from limestone make Twinkies light and airy. "Sorbic acid is made from natural gas. That really blew my mind," Ettlinger says.
And the creamy middle? "There is no cream in the cream, as they say. It's mostly Crisco," Ettlinger says.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A puppy making friends with itself in a mirror


Is that how it's done?

Hot and Cold Water

Boy of 14 who shot a girl in the eye is let off for being 'too young'

A boy of 14 who shot a girl in the eye has escaped punishment — because it is claimed he’s too young to realize what he was doing.
Lorna De-Ste-Croix, 15, was nearly blinded after the lead pellet from an air rifle embedded in her eye.
Her attacker, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was arrested. But now the Crown Prosecution Service say he will not go to court — because he is not old enough to understand the danger of his actions.
A CPS letter to the family says there is “insufficient evidence” to proceed with a charge of grievous bodily harm. It adds: “The prosecution would have to prove the youth intended to cause injury or was reckless. “Although an adult ought to know that one should never pull a trigger of a gun if there is anyone in front of him, such sensible considerations may not be expected of a youth.”

Quite an impression

Cat trick

Just Give It Up

That's One Way

Easy Catch

Doggy Window

How much is that doggy in the window?
A dog's window to the world, at least beyond the fence.

Hide and go seek

Manhunt finds missing boy – asleep under bed.

Police with dogs, dozens of neighbors and a helicopter spent two hours searching for a missing five-year-old boy who eventually turned up — asleep under his bed. A search was launched for Alex Olver — during which 11 people rummaged through his bedroom — after his parents reported him missing on Tuesday evening in Saltash, Cornwall. The town mayor, a local football team, troupes of teenagers and elderly residents all turned out to help search. But Alex was eventually discovered by a sniffer dog safe and well covered by a blanket under his bed. Alex's mother, Clare Olver, 35, yesterday described him as "a cheeky little monkey — who sleeps like a log". Mrs Olver said seven people and four police officers searched the house from top to bottom looking for Alex. "The dog handler came in and went upstairs," she said. "I then heard him shout 'Look what I found' and he came downstairs with Alex asleep across his chest."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Young boy rescued after taking on a dare from his sister

Firefighters were called to rescue a boy in Essex who was stuck inside a washing machine. Patrick Grieves, eight, from The Tythings, Halstead, got into difficulty on Monday evening after being dared to climb in by his sister Jade.
His worried mother, Susan, called Essex Fire and Rescue Service after she was unable to get his out. The fire crews managed to maneuver Patrick so they could get him out without having to cut up the machine.
Jade said: "He went in feet first because he knew that was the only way he could get in and I dared him to do it, so I am a naughty girl."I know I shouldn't have, but my mom has told me off so I have my punishment - grounded for a night."

What is it?

You throw away the outside.

You cook the inside.

You eat the outside.

You throw away the inside.

What is it?

Boy gets hand trapped in plughole

Toddler Harry Minshull took the plunge and poked his fingers into a plughole - only to find they were stuck.
Harry, who is just 16 months old, was being bathed at his grandparents' home in Royton, Oldham, when he pushed his fingers into the hole in the kitchen sink.
Grandparents John and Anthea struggled to free the youngster before dad Darren, a joiner, dismantled the waste section to try to free his son.
But the metal section of the plug still stuck around Harry's swollen thumb and finger, so Darren, 31, was forced to call in the fire brigade.
Four firefighters used metal cutters to free Harry, who had been stuck for more than an hour. Darren said: "We tried washing-up liquid but had to call the Fire Brigade. "They used 12in snippers to cut him free. Harry cried a bit but he was okay afterwards."

Japanese tin-can bread

The Japanese introduction of bread in a can a few years ago seemed to cover all bases, being little, light and long-lasting.
Lunch and light snacks may never be the same again.

Man loses 6 stones on baked bean diet 6 stones = 84 pounds

A Suffolk man lost six stone in six months on a diet of plain baked beans.
James Skeates, 28, has trimmed down from 21-stone to 15-stone by eating at least two large cans of beans a day.
The carpenter, of Haverhill, says he now has the energy to keep up with his young children Eleanor, three, and George, 10 months.
James joined his local Slimming World Class in March and lost around a stone a month to hit his target weight, reports the Cambridge Evening News.
James said: "I was getting through two tins a day, eating them in my breaks at work, then at home with jacket potatoes, wholemeal bread or pasta. I was never hungry, but the weight kept coming off.
"It didn't really cause me any problems eating all the beans, but now I suffered a bit more wind."
Isabel Hooley, a dietician for Suffolk NHS Primary Care Trust, said: "Baked beans are fine as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but we would not recommend more than one portion a day.
"Baked beans are low calorie, so if you eat them instead of cheese on toast for example, I would expect you to lose weight."

Hard to Amuse

Is that the best that you can do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Man Uses Newspaper Crossword Puzzle To 'Pop The Question'

Boston Globe Aided Marriage Proposal

September 24, 2007
BOSTON -- Forget about candlelight, champagne and a bended knee. Don't think about a public proposal at Fenway Park while the Red Sox play.

They are both romantic in their own way, but not nearly as inventive as the proposal concocted by a love-struck man and a local newspaper.

The clue in a Boston Globe Sunday crossword puzzle turned out to be part of a clever and very original marriage proposal.

The clue for 111 across was “Generic Proposal.” The answer: “Will you marry me?”

For Aric Egmont, of Cambridge, Mass., the answer was also the marriage proposal to his girlfriend and puzzle devotee, Jennie Bass.

The Globe said that Egmont, 29, contacted the magazine this summer to ask if the puzzle writers would be willing to write one especially for him.

“On our fourth date, I knew I had found the kind of dork I could love,” Egmont wrote in a note to the magazine. “We just went to the local coffee shop and did the crossword. That date was the first moment when we stopped relying on some kind of event to set the agenda, and instead we took that first tiny step towards normalcy, spending time together doing the same things we would regularly do on our own.”

For Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, the married puzzle-writing team, the challenge was more than including a single clue. They wanted to create an entire puzzle based on the theme “popping the question.” Each clue that followed the theme had to work. For example, “Macrame artist’s proposal” was “Let’s tie the knot.”

Cox and Rathvon then went beyond a generic clue for Egmont's proposal. "Generic Proposal" actually was a phonetic play on words of the couple's first names: Jen and Aric.

Egmont told the newspaper that Saturday night was a restless one. The happy ending came Sunday.

“Finally, Sunday morning, I was like, ‘Do you want to do the crossword?’ I grab the paper and we start doing it. There are clues that have personal significance, my last name, her best friend’s name. She’s not suspicious at all. Her sister’s name is in there. She’s like, ‘This is so bizarre.’ She just thinks it’s an amazing coincidence.”

Until they got to 111 across.

“We get to the ‘Will you marry me?’ clue, and I said, ‘Will you marry me, Jenny?’ I got up, got the ring, and got down on one knee and she screamed, and hugged me. It took her a minute to say yes.”

Rocker Cradle

World's Largest

World's Largest Strawberry

The world's largest strawberry at city hall in Strawberry Point, Iowa.
World's Largest Baseball Bat
World's Largest Baseball Bat, Louisville, Kentucky.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Can We Still Be Friends?

Hiding behind that mask isn't going to work

You have been a Baaad Boy / Girl!

Alpacas for Hen Protection

A farm in West Cornwall has recruited two unusual security guards to protect its hens from harm. Tremayne Farm, near Camborne, has taken on two Peruvian alpacas - named William and Harry - to keep predators away. Farm manager Giles Greenhough said: "Because of the alpacas' nature, they'll take up the role of becoming guardians of the flock." Farm director Lisa Rowe added: "Alpacas are used extensively in Australia and New Zealand to safeguard sheep." She added: "We know that happy hens lay the tastiest eggs and for that reason, we recruited the alpacas."

"Before and After"

One gigabyte of memory,
20 years ago on the left...and the one he’s holding is today’s

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a Cutie

Dog freed from baggage locker at Airport. The Royal Marechaussee rescued a young white keeshond from a baggage locker this week.The dog has been handed over to veterinary services.
A Schiphol worker heard strange noises coming from a locker on Tuesday morning and alerted Marechaussee. The locker contained three pieces of luggage and a young dog. The dog had been put in a small animal carrier between the suitcases. Water and some food had been left in the dog's carrier.
The owner will be facing a substantial fine if he reports to pick up his dog and luggage. The dog is in professional care at the moment and in good condition.
More here.

Oh Oh! Spaghetti-O's

Creepy Feeling You Being Watched

Are There any Packers Fans

Whose bright idea was this?