Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hold on Little Doggie

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Can You Here Me

What kids use to use to talk with each other.

What kids use now days to talk to each other.

Thanks but No Thanks

Charity Turns Down Share of $3M Lottery Jackpot
A New York charity says it has turned down a share of a $3 million lottery jackpot because accepting the money could send the wrong message to gambling addicts.
The Lighthouse Mission, which helps feed 3,000 hungry Long Island residents a week, had been chosen to share an anonymous donor's jackpot last month. The donor gave the winning ticket to the True North Community Church, which said it would share the money with other charities.
The mission's pastor, James Ryan, says he appreciates the offer but had to turn it down because his organization counsels against addictions, including gambling. He did not say what the mission's share of the prize would have been.