Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stowaway cat traveled 300 miles in engine compartment

A mechanic described his shock after finding a cat had traveled 300 miles from Scotland to Yorkshire in the engine compartment of a coach.The young ginger tom, who has been nicknamed Gulliver because of his travels, is believed to have got in the National Holidays coach at Arrochar, north of Glasgow, at the weekend.He was only found by mechanic Daniel Parnel after the driver returned to his base in Hull on Sunday.
Mr Parnel, 27, said he found Gulliver when he opened a panel to clean the radiator. The cat was sitting on the radiator itself and the mechanic first thought it was a rat or a squirrel.Mr Parnel said he decided to take the cat home and keep it after it was checked out by a vet. He has been told there a lot of feral cats in Arrochar.He said: 'The most likely thing to have happened is he will have been attracted to the heat of the engine, gone to sleep on the radiator and been driven away. He hasn't done badly getting to Hull. It gets really hot in there.'

Happy Birthday Art Linkletter July 17th, 2008

From the 50’s to 1970 Art Linkletter hosted two daytime television programs called "Art Linkletter’s House Party" and "People Are Funny". He ended his program everyday by interviewing kids. I have fond memories of watching his shows.
Kids Say the Darndest Things - ART LINKLETTER
Archive of American Television Interview with Art Linkletter.
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