Thursday, June 4, 2009

Canon Employees Are Forbidden to Sit Down, Walk at Normal Pace

You might think your job sucks, but at least your boss wasn't insane enough to remove all the chairs and install security so an alarm goes off if you don't walk fast enough.
The president of Canon Electronics, Hisashi Sakamaki, is also the author of a book proposing some of the same measures he takes with his own company. His theory is that forcing employees to stand not only saves money but increases productivity and enhances employee relationships.
In the hallway, if an employee walks slower than 5 meters every 3.6 seconds, an alarm and flashing lights are set off, reminding the poor startled worker that he's an inefficient waste of air. Even better (or worse), there's a sign on the floor in said hallways that reads, "Let's rush: If we don't, the company and world will perish." The big boss, as a reward for thinking up all this stuff, gets to lounge in a nice, relaxing chair.

Mr. Potato Head Sneakers


New Zealand named world's most peaceful nation

New Zealand is the world's most peaceful country, according to a newly published global survey.
The South Pacific nation of four million people and 40 million sheep has knocked Iceland off its perch after violent demonstrations followed the collapse of Reykjavik's banking system. The Global Peace Index, a report prepared for the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks 144 countries in a league table of peacefulness. The index defines peace as "the absence of violence".
Twenty-three criteria on which the league table is compiled include political stability, risk of terrorism, murder rate, likelihood of violent demonstrations, respect for human rights, internal conflicts, arms imports and involvement in foreign wars.
Top 10 most peaceful nations:
1 New Zealand, 2 Denmark, 3 Norway, 4 Iceland, 5 Austria, 6 Sweden, 7 Japan, 8 Canada, 9= Finland, 10= Slovenia.
Ten least peaceful nations:
1 Iraq, 2 Afghanistan, 3 Somalia, 4 Israel, 5 Sudan, 6 Democratic Republic of the Congo, 7 Chad, 8 Pakistan, 9 Russia, 10 Zimbabwe.

I’m sharing my £7.5m Lotto win with orphans

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Like millions of others, the mother-of-five had dreamed of winning the Lottery and buying cars, houses and designer clothes.
But she also had another wish — to help the plight of countless starving children in Ethiopia she had seen on television over the years.
So when Jane scooped a £7.5million jackpot five months ago, she immediately started planning her trip to the African country.
Speaking exclusively for the first time since her win, Jane, 48, says: "Winning the Lotto has changed my life and now I want to help change the lives of others.
"I’ll never forget seeing the faces of so many beautiful children left poor and starving by events in Ethiopia and I wanted to go and see how I could help.
"In the end life is all about luck. Because of my good fortune, I will never have to worry about money again but these children have been left vulnerable and orphaned by problems that aren’t their fault."
Jane traveled to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa last week and headed straight to the Kidane Mehret Children’s Home, which cares for 120 orphans. The youngest is three days old, the oldest 17 years.
Run by Maltese nuns sister Lutgarda and sister Camilla for the past 40 years, it takes in orphaned and needy children from the street and provides them with shelter, food, clothing and love.
The cramped orphanage is run purely on donations and can only feed the kids three small meals a day. Meat is a once-a-week treat and toys and books are scarce.
But Jane was struck by how contented the kids seemed despite having so little.
Close to tears, she says: "To have the opportunity to come here and see and feel the pride these children have is incredible.

Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed

Wave your magic wand and this carriage may appear to make your little princess' dreams come true. This fanciful coach bed is the most extraordinary children's bed we've ever seen. Handcrafted in England of wood and fiberglass, the oval shaped interior measures just over 6 ft. in diameter. Construction and delivery time on this piece is over 6 months. The bar is set with this magnificent piece; it simply has no equal outside of fairy tales. Linens and interior options priced upon request. The price of a dream come true? $47,000.

Bride-to-Be Saves First Kiss for Wedding

When one Washington State bride-to-be ties the knot this summer it will will be her first day sharing her life and her kiss.
Rachel Welch, 21, says she decided at the age of 14 that she wasn't going to kiss any guy until she was married.
She and Todd Ritter, her fiance who she met through their church youth group two years ago, show their affection by rubbing noses and giving hugs.
The couple got engaged last December and plan to wed in July.
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Runaway cat surrenders to New Zealand police

A Wellingtonian's missing pet cat turned himself in to police. Rubiks the cat was missing for two weeks after running away from his home in the Wellington suburb of Mt Cook.
But yesterday the black cat simply walked into the Lower Hutt police station, bringing his escapade to an end.
Realising the cat was probably lost, police called the Wellington SPCA and the owners were traced through a microchip he was wearing.
A relieved owner collected Rubiks, but had no idea how he found his way to Lower Hutt.
It was the second time Rubiks had run away from home. The first time he went missing for six weeks and was eventually found in Kilbirnie.

Teen scores perfect attendance for 13 years

It’s been a long 13 years for Brittani McCalister — 2,340 days, to be exact.
The Terre Haute, Indiana teenager graduated from high school Sunday having never missed a day of school since kindergarten.
She stood and was recognized for her sterling attendance record by classmates and their families during commencement at West Vigo High School in Terre Haute.
Principal Tom Balitewicz says "Every day, she has made it to school and stayed the entire day."
Conceding it was tough at times, McCalister says she would go to school sick, and "loaded up on Tylenol."
The principal says the school would send students home if they showed up with a fever, but not if they have a minor case of the sniffles.
"It’s not like she’s dragging herself in here with pneumonia," Balitewicz said Monday. "She has been extremely healthy."
McCalister also never missed even one minute of classes. She was never tardy for school and never missed a class because all her medical and dental appointments always took place after school.
McCalister said it began when she and her brother started a competition to see who could maintain perfect attendance. He made it part of the way through elementary school, but she just kept on going, and going.
She actually completed coursework in February and has been studying cosmetology at Harrold Beauty Academy. She hopes to complete the program next month, but it’s only a start.
"I’m still going to go to college, too. I’ll do hair on the side," said McCalister, who plans to attend Indiana State University and may eventually pursue law school.