Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Angel the 5-legged dog

A dog has a new lease on life after being found on the streets of Missouri.
Angel looks like any other puppy, but she's not. She has five legs.
Doctors say Angel is in pretty good shape, but they cannot operate to fix Angel's problem. Although she walks a little funny, she doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Dog saved baby kangaroo

By all accounts the baby kangaroo should have not survived the road accident that claimed its mother ... but then along came Rex the wonder dog. The pointer discovered the baby roo, known as a joey, alive in the mother's pouch and took it back to his owner.

"I was so surprised and delighted," said Leonie Allan. "Rex saved the day." The four-month-old joey's mother was killed by a car near Ms Allan's home in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.
Amazingly, the 10-year-old dog - a cross between a German shorthaired and wirehaired pointer - had been so tender with the joey that it was both calm and unmarked. The joey, to be named Rex Jr after his saviour, is now being cared for at Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary and when he is 18 months old will be released back into the wild.

What babies do inside???

The pictures are so cute...
The imagination of whoever created these pics is worth admiring...

10 Reasons To Plant Trees

1. Trees save energy and money. Just three trees strategically planted around your home can cut your air conditioning bill in half.

2. Trees save tax payers. Trees in a city slow storm water runoff and reduce the need for storm sewers. Tree shade also help cool municipal buildings, lowering electricity bills.

3. Trees cool our cities. Urban "heat islands" are directly related to massive tree-cutting for development.

4. Trees clean our water and air. From low level ozone in our cities to pesticide and fertilizer runoff from our farms, trees absorb harmful pollutants.

5. Trees help community life. Tree planting and community based forestry can add significantly to a local community's sustainable economy while restoring the environment.

6. Trees protect soil. By holding soil in place with their root systems, by deflecting pounding rain with their canopies, and by adding nutrients each fall with their leaves, trees are crucial to keeping and improving our soil.

7. Trees provide habitat for species of many kinds -- including endangered species. A key project of American Forests is "Trees for Tigers" in the Russian Far East that is restoring habitat for the endangered Siberian tiger.

8. Trees can pay your "carbon debt". Planting just 30 Global Relief trees will absorb the amount of carbon dioxide that is generated in the production of energy for the average American lifestyle each year.

9. Trees provide clean water and natural flood control. Forests act as natural reservoirs, and they protect watersheds, providing clean water for cities, bays and rivers.

10. Trees are a beautiful part of our lives. From striking individual trees that are of historic significance or are simply large and majestic, to a grove of trees in a city park, trees enrich our lives by simply being there. Trees are not just a key to the natural ecosystem -- trees are an essential part of community life.