Friday, August 28, 2009

Waste Cooking Oil Candles

Filt "Waste Oil" Candles combine useful recycling with nice packaging to make a product that looks good, smells good, burns well, and is made almost entirely with recycled waste literally within reach of the creators.
Filt’s unique concept is that the materials and design, minus the wicks, come from within walking distance of their studio. Filt’s creators are also involved with Gaimgraphics, which accounts for the nice graphic design, with their office sitting atop Chubby, their stylish and spacious cafe in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. Chubby’s size makes it ideal for events and rotating art showcases, but it’s also the source of Filt’s main ingredient: Used cooking oil, which they filter, color, and scent with vanilla.

The switch from right to left driving

Plan to swap sides prompts threats of mass demonstrations
Rebellion is stirring in the normally laid-back Pacific island nation of Samoa, with threats to torch buses and stage mass demonstrations – all over an official plan to oblige citizens to drive on the left.
Thanks to a brief period of German rule in the early 20th century, Samoans have always driven on the right. The government plans to change that on 7 September, making this the first country to swap sides since Ghana in 1974. The rationale is that the switch will encourage Samoans' relatives in Australia and New Zealand to send home their used right-hand-drive cars. At present, most vehicles on the streets of the archipelago are gas-guzzling American left-hand drives.

Happy Birthday Greeting


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