Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rule number one for applying sun screen:
Always get help for those hard-to-reach places.

I’m guessing those sandals are new.

Postcard's 7,000 mile detour

A Hertfordshire girl's holiday postcard to her grandparents ended up 3,500 miles off target - in New York.
Jessica Webber, 11, was on holiday with her mum, dad and sister in Majorca when she sent the card, reports the Daily Mirror.
She addressed it to Mr and Mrs P. Jones and sent it to their home in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
But a mix-up in the sorting office in Spain meant it was sent to a Harold Jones in Staten Island, New York, instead.
Mr Jones, 60, contacted his local newspaper who helped him find the couple and he called them.
Peter Jones, 68, a retired postman, said: "I got a strange call from a man with an American accent to say he had my postcard. It was a bit confusing at first. But we had a lovely chat. That postcard's seen some sights."
The card sent from Jessica, of Baldock, three weeks ago will have traveled 7,000 miles when it gets to them.
A US postal service spokesman said: "We guess it got thrown into the wrong bag."

Australian school bans cartwheels

Forget smoking or bullying - at a Townsville primary school, doing a cartwheel in the playground can get you suspended. Belgian Gardens State School has banned all forms of gymnastics during breaks, including handstands and somersaults. Even the humble forward roll have been banned.Kylie Buschgens was dumbfounded when her daughter Cali, 10, was told she could no longer do cartwheels, even on the grass. Her friend was busted and punished by the cartwheel cops this week."We had to practice for a play and she did one on the grass," Cali said. "Two teachers took her upstairs and she had to sit down for the rest of the day and not do anything."
Ms Buschgens met with school principal Glenn Dickson and was told gymnastics activities were a "medium risk level 2" that posed a danger to children.After making her own inquiries, Ms Buschgens found gymnastics was indeed listed as a level 2 risk – when performed in class – along with cricket, soccer, tennis, netball, touch football and other sports. Those sports have not been banned at lunchtime."I said (to the principal), 'What if she keeps doing a handstand?' and he said she'd get into trouble," Ms Buschgens said. "I asked what would happen if she was a repeat handstand offender and he said that would be defiance and it could lead to her being suspended."
YOU'VE BEEN WARNED ... Kylie Buschgens' daughter Cali could be suspended if she keeps doing cartwheels
Leland Thomas Faegre said...
I am the father of Deirdre Faegre, the American student suspended for cartwheels and handstands in 2004 and referenced [Townsville Bulletin] in this latest episode of outrageous usurpation of life, liberty and happiness in Australia. The backlash of their arrogance is in full bloom but don't let up. Take off the gloves Ms Buschgens, and let the education elite know that you are in control of your children--not faceless authoritarians determined to deny children their rite of passage. You will win for the sake of all children. Stand up to them and let me know if I can help... Leland Thomas Faegre