Friday, September 12, 2008

In the News

Perfume of a Skunk
Middle School Girl's Perfume Sends 11 Students, Bus Driver to Hospital
It's supposed to turn heads, but some perfume turned stomachs on a school bus in Manchester, N.H.
Eleven middle school pupils and a driver were taken to a hospital Thursday after a girl dropped a bottle of perfume on the bus. The McLaughlin Middle School students and driver complained of nausea and dizziness.
The principal said it's against the rules to bring perfume or glass on campus, so even though it appeared to be an accident, the girl probably will be disciplined.
Dog swallows arrow - and survives
A playful little puppy has defied medical odds after swallowing a ten-inch wooden arrow and living to tell the tale. Amazingly, five-month-old Summer-June escaped unscathed when the potentially lethal toy avoided all the her vital organs as it lodged in her stomach. The pup is thought to have been playing with the arrow when it snapped and she inadvertently swallowed the bigger half. But she was left with only mild discomfort and her condition initially baffled vets and her owners. However, an x-ray found the arrow, complete with rubber suction pad at the end, enabling experts to carry out a successful operation to remove it.
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