Friday, October 30, 2009

Man Leaves $1.7 Million Estate To Cats

A Raleigh man has left his nearly $1.7 million estate to four North Carolina cat charities.
Emil Campbell died suddenly last month and left instructions for his lawyer to bequeath his entire estate to cats.
Attorney Bobby Khot said Campbell left the money to four charities: Snowflake Animal Rescue, Marley's Cat Tales, SAFE Haven for Cats and Second Chance Pet Adoptions.
A spokeswoman for Snowflake Animal Rescue said her organization typically gets less than $6,000 a year in donations. She said she had to read the letter about Campbell's donation twice before she believed it.
Khot said his client didn't work at a high paying job but was very frugal and saved money. He said Campbell had one surviving daughter.

World's biggest rubber band ball

A Florida man has finally bid farewell to the world's largest rubber band ball.
Joel Waul, 28, of Luaderhill, spent five years knotting, stretching and wrapping rubber bands together to create the 1,000lb ball.
But Mr. Waul has now sold it to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Emporium, who removed it with the help of a crane and a flatbed truck.
He started on his record bid in 2004 when he saw a TV episode of Ripley's featuring the then-record holder for largest rubber band ball.
"Right then, on the spot, I started," he said.
The ball grew and grew, reaching the point where it would no longer fit inside his home when Mr. Waul moved it outside, to the drive.
It became a neighborhood icon and was clearly visible when Google came around taking photographs for its street view function. It was recognized by Guinness as the worlds biggest last year.
The rubber ball will temporarily be staying in Orlando before a more permanent home is found. It can't go into just any Ripley's because of the logistics of moving it.
"We can't roll it through the door,'' said Edward Meyer, vice president of exhibits and archives for Ripley's.
Because the ball will have to be lowered in, Ripley's has to find a place without a roof. Most likely are museums in Los Angeles or San Francisco because they are undergoing renovations.

Judge pleads guilty to letting air out of tire

A Maryland judge has apologized for engaging in a bit of vigilante justice when he let the air out of the tire of a courthouse employee who parked in a restricted area.
Charles County Circuit Judge Robert C. Nalley entered a guilty plea and was given a $500 fine Wednesday for tampering with a vehicle at the courthouse where he usually presides. He also said he was ashamed that he let the air out of the courthouse cleaning woman's tire and said he was "embarrassed for the community."
A visiting judge who handled the case also required Nalley to write a "heartfelt letter of apology" to Jean Washington, the woman whose tire he deflated. Nalley has been suspended from hearing criminal cases since the Aug. 10 incident. He could face sanctions from state officials.

Big food

268.8 pound watermelon
1,725 pound pumpkin
127 pound cabbage

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crinkly, the odd-necked swan

Members of the British public are being asked to keep a keen eye out for Crinkly, a rather unique, wobbly-necked swan.
Crinkly acquired her name due to her unusual disability; she has a long neck containing distinct kinks.
Yet despite this apparent handicap, Crinkly is expected to arrive in the UK any day, to spend the winter here with 3,500 or more other Bewick's swans.
If she does arrive, researchers will have recorded her flying more than 20,000 miles in total.
"This year, we're especially keen to know if Crinkly is on her way," says Julia Newth, WWT's wildlife health research officer.
"Given her deformity, it would be a major achievement if a swan so un-aerodynamic collects 20,000 air miles, a feat we have never witnessed before during studies of more than 10,000 swans dating back nearly 50 years. We're hoping the public will keep a look-out and let us know if she's spotted."

The $400,000,000.00 Question?

Officials in Hartford, Connecticut are trying to solve a $400 million mystery: Who owns the cash?
The state treasurer's office says the unclaimed funds include dormant balances in savings and checking accounts, unclaimed wages and uncashed checks for insurance benefits. The agency says the money belongs to 887,000 people.
The state published the names of nearly 34,000 people who have been recently added to Connecticut's unclaimed properties list, in an effort to find the rightful owners.
Officials say they returned more than $32 million last year to nearly 15,000 people who filed claims.
All unclaimed property and the owners are listed on the Web site.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Feeds Fish Milk

Koi Carp which has the right coloration can sell for tens of thousands of pounds and aquarium owner Ding Feng said making sure the fish grew rapidly so that they could be sold for more money was very important.
Feng, 47, who owns the Hanzhou Aquarium in Hangzhou, in eastern China's Zhejiang province, said: "All my colleagues are doing it. I started to test feed the carps with milk three months ago."
I visited a carp farm, and found they fed the fish with powdered milk from a bottle, and the carp were strong and active. It took my fish a little while to get used to it but now they love the new feed.
"I don't use regular food anymore - I just give them milk."

Free ride… in a police car


Chimpanzees' grief

National Geographic have posted this photo taken at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon , where more than a dozen residents form a gallery of grief, looking on as Dorothy — a beloved female felled in her late 40s by heart failure — is taken to her burial.

Cute Labrador Puppy Attacks A Dandelion


Kids mistake leopard cub for kitten!

Children of Bhatvadar village spotted a kitten gamboling about in the bushes while they were out grazing cattle at the national highway near Rajula on Thursday.
Overjoyed, they took it home and played with it throughout the day. "It was only when we heard the cub growling; that we realized it was not a kitten but a leopard. Fearing that its mother might be nearby, we released it in the wild near where the children had found it," said village panchayat member Bharat Sakat.
"We've contacted the forest department, urging it to cage the big cat if it's prowling in our area," he added.
Meanwhile, the forest department admitted to having received a representation from Bhatvadar villagers. "We've sent a team of officials to the site from where the cub was found. Also, we will be surveying the village for pug marks," said a forester.

Otto crowned world's 'oldest dog'

A dog from Shropshire has been crowned the world's oldest canine, which his owners have put down to a "wholesome diet of Sunday dinners and vegetables".
Otto Jones, a Dachshund terrier cross from Reabrook, Shrewsbury, is 20 years and eight months old.
He has been recognized as the oldest living dog by Guinness World Records and despite his age still enjoys playing ball with neighbors' children.
His owners Lynn and Peter Jones said he was a "loveable, affectionate rogue". The couple has had him since he was a puppy.
He is a bit deaf, but apart from a few grey whiskers and a touch of arthritis they said he was fit and healthy.
"The only thing I can put it down to is plenty of good wholesome food. He loves his Sunday dinners and his vegetables," Mrs. Jones said.
World's Oldest Dog Nearly 21-years-old
The Guinness Book of World Records has certified, "Otto" of Shrewsbury, England as the world's oldest dog at nearly 21-years-old. (Oct. 25)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 Wishes

A man was walking on the beach one day and he found a bottle half buried in the sand. He decided to open it. Inside was a genie. The genie said,” I will grant you three wishes and three wishes only." The man thought about his first wish and decided, “I think I want 1 million dollars transferred to a Swiss bank account. POOF! Next he wished for a Ferrari red in color. POOF! There was the car sitting in front of him. He asked for his final wish, " I wish I was irresistible to women." POOF! He turned into a box of chocolates.

Did You Know.....

Lightning can give enough electricity to a light bulb to last 100 years.
Benjamin Franklin was the first Head of the United States Post Office.
The fragrance of flowers comes from the essences of oil they produce.

Optical Illusion

There is a pipe in the middle of the water

Pilots Were Working on Their Laptops

2 Northwest Airlines pilots have told federal investigators that they were going over schedules using their laptops, in violation of company policy, while their plane overflew their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles, the NTSB said Monday. (Oct. 26)

Kitten fetches towel


Monday, October 26, 2009

Hummingbird Hat


Woman, 88, walks 10,000 miles in husband's memory

Colorado woman, 88, hits major milestone, walking 10,000 miles in husband's memory
An 88-year-old woman in Colorado Springs who walks laps around a nursing home in memory of her deceased husband has hit a major milestone: 10,000 miles. Martha Michel walks laps daily around the lake at Namaste Alzheimer Center. Michel started walking the lake with her husband, Lester, who was a patient at the center. After Lester Michel's death in 1998, Martha Michel kept up the walking in his memory.
The two were married 56 years and enjoyed hiking Colorado peaks until Lester Michel got too sick. Martha Michel keeps meticulous records of her walks around the lake, and on Saturday, she hit 10,000 miles. That's about the same as walking across the United States three times.

Squirrels do like watermelon


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Modern Day Rocking Horse


Dog unlocks door at vet's office and escapes like Houdini

Surveillance cameras captured a German shepherd getting out of his kennel, unlocking a door and then escaping a New York animal hospital through a door - 10/21/09

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog Owners


Da Vinci Cubed

Rubik's cubes and Leonardo da Vinci a strange combo?
Not in Toronto where five people worked two months to recreate
"The Last Supper" from Rubik's cubes.
Over 4,000 cubes were used to make an eight by 16-foot masterpiece.
The Guinness people are looking to see if it breaks any records.
A prominent Florida collector has acquired the artwork.

Perfect Boiled Eggs


Boat Car


Pumpkin-Eating Elephant


Pumpkin Sailors


Video Featuring Magic Kingdom

See the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida from a whole new perspective. The exclusive video first featured on The Disney Parks Blog was created from a series of photos snapped inside the Magic Kingdom Park. It’s a sunrise-to-sunset story told without words. But the message is clear.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Four-story treehouse structure ordered torn down by city

Spiraling around the old oak tree are more than a ton of pressure-treated lumber, some 500 lag screws and nuts, 1,000 feet of jute rope, and 48 feet of rebar.
Atop it all, about 50 feet in the air amid large, golden leaves, sits a copper squirrel fixed on a patina-covered weathervane.
The elaborately designed, four-platform treehouse cost Michael Chapman about $12,000 and just about every waking hour of the past three months. It was a work of love, a childhood dream come true, he said.
Now, after a city inspection and complaints from neighbors - his lair in the sky must come down.
If he doesn’t, the city could fine him up to $300 a day.

Cheerleader Develops Dystonia After Receiving Vaccine


Heads up, Postmaster General John E. Potter

The coconuts are coming, 500 of them, stamped and addressed to your office on L'Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C.
The bulky brown seeds are serving as postcards, bearing about $4 worth of postage, paid for by post office fans from Lantana and nearby communities, who use the small post office on Ocean Avenue just off Federal Highway.
On the back are polite messages written in marker pens, entreating Potter to reconsider the proposed closing of the Lantana post office, one of three Palm Beach County branches on the chopping block for the fiscally challenged U.S. Postal Service.
Around the nation, 371 stations are being considered for closing, although postal officials have said the final number closed could be around 200.
Besides coconuts, residents have collected more than 5,300 signatures on petitions and filled out public-comment forms left in the post office, which must be returned (no postage required) to the regional postmaster by Oct. 25. About 102 comment forms had been received by this afternoon.
The coconut mailing is no mere goofy publicity stunt. It is a historically based publicity stunt.

Finally I've Been Hatched

New Born Turtle

"Wii" Bit Too Much Enthusiasm


52-Year-Old Pink Maytag Washer & Dryer Still Work!

Yes, these have been working flawlessly since Mother's Day 1957!
The folks at Maytag Appliances know "they just don't make ‘em like they used to."
Maytag heard about a 52-year-old washer and dryer set in Sand Springs that still washes and dries like new. They've traded the owner for a brand new washer and dryer, and the old ones are headed to the Maytag museum in Michigan.
"She'd put a bucket in front of the door so the dryer would still go," said Torchy Wolfe.
Torchy Wolfe is talking about her mother's 52-year-old washer and dryer. Everything was working fine except the door latch on the dryer was broken. She called Maytag to get it repaired.
"So when I called, they said, ‘Are you kiddin' me?'" Torchy said.
They couldn't believe a 52-year-old washer dryer was still working.
Torchy bought the laundry set in 1957 for her mom for Mother's day. She says they've never had a problem with either one except for that dryer door latch.
Not only is it still working - it's pink. Could it be the only pink set still in working condition? Possibly.
Maytag offered to exchange the old set for a brand new one, and they sent Rob Longert to Sand Springs to coordinate the exchange.
It was not an easy negotiation. Jane Thompson took about three weeks to make up her mind. After all, she's had them all this time, and they still work.
"I don't think anything will clean like they would," Thompson said.
Never-the-less, the new Centennial edition washer and dryer are installed, and the old ones are on the way out the door and onto a truck.
The pink washer and dryer will soon be on display at the Maytag Museum in Benton Harbor, Michigan - a testament to durability and dependability.
Mrs. Thompson said good-bye to her old friends, but she has already told Maytag if the new washer and dryer don't work as well as her old set - she wants her old pink washer and dryer back.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hitching a Ride


Sharing the Weight


Cute Alert.....


Sitting In


Missing Girl Mom Makes Tearful Plea

Investigators said they have no clues three days after a 7-year-old girl in North Florida disappeared while walking home from school, as the girl's mother made a tearful plea for the child's return.
Somer Thompson's mother Dina said she assumes someone has her daughter. Police suspect foul play after initial thoughts that she had fallen into something or had gotten lost did not return any results.
Thompson made an appeal to Somer's possible abductors.
"Just drop her off somewhere. I don't care if you ever get in trouble," Thompson said. "I just want my baby back."

Free T-Shirts aren’t so free


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Advertising...

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Use Public Transport

Fresh Step

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Heated Chair


Yes, You’re Reading It Right

Gordon Hageman couldn’t believe the credit card offer he got in the mail.
“My first thought, it was a mistake,” Hageman said.
The wine distributor called the number on the offer, gave them the offer code and verified his information. Sure enough, it was right: the pre-approved credit card came with a 79.9 percent APR.
Yes, 79.9 percent.
The offer is for a Premier card from First Premier Bank, which is based in South Dakota. On its Web site, First Premier says it is the country’s 10th largest issuer of Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The site also says it “focuses on individuals who have less than perfect credit but are actually still creditworthy.”
“I think they’re trying to take advantage of me,” said Hageman.

Thou Shall Not Steal

An Arlington church is left without air-conditioning after the church's three AC units were stolen.
The Redeemed Christian Church is a small church in Arlington off Cesery Blvd. A church that stands by the spirit of giving, but sometime between Wednesday evening and Saturday night, someone took too much.
"I'm still shocked," said Joke Badewa.
Badewa has gone to the church for the four years. She says Saturday evening, in the middle of choir practice; it started getting hot inside the church.
Badewa says they tried turning the air-conditioning on, but it wasn't working. As a last resort, she went outside to check the air-conditioning units behind the church.
That is when Badewa found three empty slabs of concrete and wires hanging from the wall.
According to the police report, the units were worth 6 thousand dollars.

One Room House


DIY Repair


Itty Bitty Gerbil


Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Peeking


Teach them while they are young


What’s in your backyard?


Feeding Time


One Giant Leap

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Firefight Over the Red, White and Blue

Firefighter suspended for refusing to peel American flag sticker from locker
Chester, Pa., firefighter James Krapf wants to know what's wrong with Old Glory. The 11-year veteran was suspended without pay Thursday after he refused to peel a sticker of the American flag from his locker.
"It's pride…it's a matter of pride," Krapf said.
A new department rule mandates that all stickers and statements – union, cartoon and political – be stripped from lockers after several offensive and racist images showed up in the firehouse. But Krapf figured the red, white and blue was safe.
It seems he was wrong.

"The chief came out and said 'You have to remove your stickers,' I said 'No disrespect chief, but I'm not taking the flag off,'" Krapf recounted. He says the officer then asked him to leave.
Fire Commissioner James Johnson, who served in the Marine Corps, vows the symbolism of the decal is not the issue.
"We wear the American flag on our uniform…it's flying outside that station," he said. "It is not about the American flag or patriotism."
But Krapf refuses to give up and he's not alone. The firefighters union plans to negotiate with the department on the issue.
"We applaud Jim Krapf because these colors don't run," said union president Landrum.
Krapf, who was turned away from the station again Friday, plans to stand his ground. "It's the American flag, we should be able to fly it wherever we want…I don’t believe its offensive to anyone," he said.
The issue and Krapf's fate is scheduled to be discussed at a meeting on Monday.