Sunday, October 26, 2008

Head Kenzan

The Head Kenzan is a delightful scalp massager with a unique Japanese twist. The brush structure is inspired by "kenzan," a traditional tool used in Japanese flower arranging to hold the flowers in place.
With 92 bristles that hit upon that perfect balance of not-too-hard and not-too-soft, the flexible Head Kenzan molds itself to your head. Simply use the handles on either side to run the brush back and forth, massaging and energizing your scalp.

Sunday Cartoons

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Why are they called "Saltines?"
"Unsalted saltines" has no salt on top.

The Graveyard Shift

Unwanted Raccoon vs. Dog and a Cat

Pampered pooches inherit fortune

Who needs a best friend when you can live off their riches?
Pampered pooches Wags and Deefa hit the jackpot when their wealthy owner died six months ago.
The unidentified owner's last will and testament, addressed to ``my faithful dogs'', outlines a life of luxury for her pups.
Having inherited $700,000 between them, the pair will spend the rest of their days at a five-star animal resort north of Melbourne.
At a cost of $5000 a month, Wags, a nine-year-old cairn terrier cross, and Deefa, a 10-year-old corgi cross, enjoy weekly pedicures and regular massages, as well as the services of a personal trainer.
They sleep in four-poster beds, in a bedroom fitted with a television and an air-conditioner.
Their residence at Kepala Pet Resort, in Diggers Rest, also allows them to languish by the lagoon, or spend time at the "country club'', which features grass and sand running tracks, and even an indoor swimming pool.
And when these spoiled pets go on to pooch heaven, the remaining riches will go to animal charities including The Lost Dogs Home.
But it's not just dog-lovers with unusual plans administered from beyond the grave. In NSW, one person left their entire estate, worth $500,000, to the Australian Taxation Office, citing it was "for the good of the Commonwealth''.
Another sought to leave their estate to members of the British royal family.
Meanwhile, a 22-year-old Queensland engineering student has pledged to leave a quarter of his superannuation to former prime minister John Howard.
Brad Kanther said: "I just really like the guy and want to send a personal message to him.''