Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting the message across to people that drink's

How to avoid getting bills


There's enough for everybody

Reading Test

'The Tornado Potato' on a stick.

The Great Escape

Two crybabies

Puppy becomes a classroom assistant

A playful puppy chewing up your paper was always one excuse for failing to produce your homework. But one school is proving that dogs can be a pupil's best friend when it comes to getting their work done. Staff at Rough Hay Primary School, in Wednesbury, West Midlands, have introduced a nine-month-old puppy into lessons to teach the children about responsibility. They believe their springer spaniel Betty encourages youngsters to be more considerate and helps them to communicate better with their peers. There's a news video on this page.

Amazing Bowling Shots!

A Ridiculous Funny Shot!
Norm Duke purposely knocks down only 9 pins and gets a slow moving ball to hit the other.

Backwards Bowling AWESOME!!!