Friday, March 13, 2009



Microwave popcorn popper

Micro corn popper is a reusable alternative to popcorn bags. The removable lid/strainer melts butter into the 2.5-quart container while corn pops for all to see. In minutes, a perfect batch of everyone's favorite snack for movie time, or anytime, is ready. Cuts down on the uncooked kernels or burnt disasters of microwave bags.

Monkeys flossing their teeth

Monkeys are able to teach their offspring how to floss their teeth.

Eating 30 Chocolate Bars a Week

A Devon woman who eats 30 bars of chocolate a week has just celebrated her 100th birthday.
Peggy Griffiths, of Abbotsham, has scoffed an estimated 70,000 Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars in her time.
Her lifetime chocolate consumption has been estimated at an incredible four tons.
Peggy said: "When I was young I could buy a bar of chocolate with my pocket money. It only cost tuppence and tasted exactly like it does now."
Her daughter Eileen Osborne, said she ran a sweet shop in the 1930s but it went bust because she ate all the profits.
Eileen said: "When mom was a little girl, her mother told her that sweets were bad for you but chocolate was good.
"She absolutely loves it. She's a chocoholic and her diet agrees with her."

Recycling Labrador

Recycling more than 20,000 plastic bottles in six years is good going for even the greenest resident.
But it's even more of an amazing feat for Tubby because he's a Labrador.
Twice daily he goes out for a walk and usually picks up at least six plastic bottles from wherever he can find them.
He then happily crushes them in his mouth and takes them back to his owner Sandra Gilmore, of Cadoc Road, West Pontnewydd, who recycles them in her black box.
She estimates that in Tubby's lifetime he could have collected up to 26,000 bottles.
"He has got a real nose for them and has done ever since he was a puppy," she said. "He'll dig them out from anywhere and go under bushes and even into water to fetch them.
"Tubby must be the keenest, greenest recycling canine around. I like to do by bit by recycling as much as I can - Tubby helps me to do an even better job."
Mrs Gilmore, 51, believes her family pet is attracted to bottles because of the noise they make when he crushes them in his mouth.
"He does a great job for the recycling crews as they come already crushed," she said. "However, it can be annoying sometimes as there is often something left in the bottle when he brings it over and it then goes everywhere."
To recognize Tubby's efforts, Torfaen Council's recycling mascot Dan Can the Super Recycler will present him with a bone.
Councillor John Cunningham, Executive Member for Operational Services, said: "It's no wonder we are the best performing recycling authority in South Wales with such enthusiastic pets as well as residents," he said.
"I'm glad he got a nose for bottles rather than bones and I hope he keeps up the good work."
Torfaen Council currently recycles 42 per cent of its waste.

Hula Hoop Baby