Monday, May 26, 2008

The tornado went That-A-Way

PARKERSBURG, Iowa — Severe thunderstorms packing large hail and tornadoes rumbled across the United States' midsection on Sunday, killing at least eight people and damaging dozens of homes, authorities said. Iowa Homeland Security administrator Dave Miller said seven of the dead were killed by a tornado in northeast Iowa — five from Parkersburg, 20 miles northwest of Waterloo, and two from nearby New Hartford. At least 50 injuries were reported. "Occasionally we have a death but we have warning system. Seven deaths. It's been a long time since we've had those kinds of injuries and deaths reported," Miller said.Witnesses reported parts of Parkersburg was reduced to rubble, including the town's high school and most of the homes.
A tornado also struck just to the east in the nearby town of Dunkerton and elsewhere in Black Hawk County, where there were reports of homes damaged or destroyed. Dunkerton has fewer than 800 residents and New Hartford has about 700 people.

I posted this because it happen less then 20 miles from my home and the weatherman says it probably a F4 or F5 the strongest there is. It was reported that the wind where I live was gusting at 93 mph.
weatherman said...
There have been 43 reports of tornadoes mostly in Iowa on Sunday..That was a destructive one..It's great that you were safe out there..though sad thing was there were casualties..My hopes and prayers for the fast and healthy recovery of the victims out there..

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