Thursday, December 20, 2007

Don't know what to get your pet for "CHRISTMAS"

Get your pet this great-lookin' Cone Collar this year.

It’ll block him/her from all that disgusting licking and stuff......
and, say, it's fashionable for kitty, too.

Oh, and this old girl, here, pissed! Oh, yeah.

237 dogs removed from Texas woman's home

Animal control officers removed 237 dogs from the home of a 70-year-old woman who said she had been breeding the animals, officials said.
Kelli Copeland, manager of the city's Animal Care Services department, said it took about six hours Tuesday to gather up all the dogs, which were taken to a city kennel. Most of the dogs were Pomeranians, but there were also Yorkshire terriers, two standard poodles and several other breeds. Copeland said they appeared to be suffering from the close quarters.

"They had plenty of food and plenty of water but were not living in healthy conditions," Copeland said. "Many were covered in feces and urine. I think she slowly accumulated them to where they were more than she could handle."One of the dogs was euthanized because of its poor condition. The woman claimed that dog had recently wandered to the house. "The homeowner is a very nice lady; I think she loved her dogs," Copeland said.
There's a news video on this page.

A German man smokes through a Smoking Hole in a restaurant wall

A man smokes through a "Smoking Point" in a restaurant wall in Goslar, Germany.
The holes have been made after a smoking ban in restaurants in Lower Saxony.

Man's skin turns dark blue

Blue man seeks acceptance
His name is Paul Karason, and he's blue. It's not makeup or paint.

Who says animals don't know how to romance?

Two otters holding hands.

Hilarious Pepsi Commercial

Thank God It's Not Friday?

Court says baby can't be named 'Friday'
What's in a name? If the name is Friday, shame and ridicule, according to Italian judges who forbade a couple from naming their child like the character in "Robinson Crusoe."
"They thought that it recalled the figure of a savage, thus creating a sense of inferiority and failing to guarantee the boy the necessary decorum," the couple's lawyer, Paola Rossi, said Wednesday.
The couple are considering appealing the decision to Italy's highest court, she said.
Mara and Roberto Germano, whose son was born on Sept. 3, 2006, had the boy named and baptized Venerdi, Italian for Friday.
Even though the boy was not born on a Friday — it was Sunday — his parents liked the name, said Rossi.
"They wanted an unusual name, something original, and it did not seem like a shameful name," Rossi said in a telephone interview. "We think it calls to mind the day of the week rather than the novel's character."
Since city hall officials are obliged by law to report odd names, the matter ended up before judges in Genoa, the northern Italian city where the couple live.
Last month, an appeals court stated that Friday falls into the category of the "ridiculous or shameful" names that are barred by law, as it recalled the native servant in Daniel Defoe's novel.
The judges wrote that naming somebody Friday would bar him from "serene interpersonal relationships" and would turn the boy into the "laughing stock of his group," according to a report in La Repubblica this week.
According to the daily, the judges also said that, as a day of the week, Friday raises a sentiment of sadness and penitence, when not being associated with bad luck outright.
Rossi said the court, which upheld a previous ruling made in June, also ordered the boy to be named Gregorio after the saint on whose day he was born.

Car thief scared off by large dog in his rear-view mirror

A thief who stole a car after spotting the keys in the ignition swiftly abandoned it when he was confronted by a great dane that had been asleep on the back seat. The man was unaware that Diesel, an alsatian cross, was inside the Toyota 4x4. As he drove off he saw the dog, 9st (57kg) and 6ft tall on his hind legs, through his rear view mirror. As soon as Diesel sat up, the man stopped the car and fled. Police found the car outside Brixham Rugby Club, Devon, only 30 yards from where it had been taken.
The owner, Nick Griggs, 41, of Brixham, who runs a quad bike centre, said: “I’d love to have seen the look on his face when he saw Diesel. He must have got the shock of his life. There’s no alarm, but who needs one when you’ve got the Hound of the Baskervilles in your back seat?” The car was stolen after Mr Griggs’s wife, Karen, 41, forgot to remove her keys from the ignition when she went to collect the couple’s two children from school. She said that the 11-month-old dog “would have thought it was time for walkies”. She added: “He’s a big softie – if the guy had hung around he’d have licked his hands and face. He’s very good with strangers.”