Friday, February 20, 2009

Cave House

.Would you live here?

Tim said...
I saw this on another blog and it had some details:
It has about 16,000 square feet, is in a small city, and has a stage where many artists performed--including Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.


Jim Cook has preserved the club's unique find - a golf ball embedded inside the trunk of a tree.
The tree had apparently grown around the ball which had probably been lodged in its branches many years ago.
It was discovered when Richard Mitchell, greens keeper at the Eaton club in Norwich, felled the conifer and cut it into pieces, only to find the ball perfectly encased in the wood.
Club manager Peter Johns said: "It's an incredible find."

Lorne said...
Funny discovery!
So, finally I can see how the golf ball looks from inside!
Was always interested, but never had a)tools b)time c)old ball to cut it!
Once I have seen rifle caught in tree, in WWII museum somewhere in
Europe, but it was visible from outside without cutting...Take care

Blind Mechanic At The Job

A blind mechanic fixes cars using just touch to tell what is wrong with them.
Dutchman Col Collewijn lost his eyesight when he was eight – but has incredibly learned how to repair motors.
The remarkable mechanic said: "As long as my tools are in the right place and no screws drop to the ground I get along alone very well."
Collewijn, who has worked in a garage in Nuis, Holland, for 30 years, said: "I do everything by trusting my senses and my hearing.
"And I have one big advantage over other mechanics - I can repair cars in the dark."

"Cool American Doritos" are found in Europe