Saturday, December 13, 2008

McDonald's Billboards Take Pot Shots at Starbucks

One of the anti-Starbucks billboards McDonald's has put up in Seattle
McDonald's is taking jabs at Starbucks in new billboards erected close to the gourmet coffee giant's cafes and headquarters in Seattle.

Bacon and Cheese Roll

Just one problem none of it is good for you.
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I'm a Poodle!

The hump: It took two hours for Cindy the poodle to be transformed into this camel.
Chicken: Sandra uses harmless food dyes, chalks and some strategic clipping to transform her poodle.
Peacock: Cindy has won dozens of awards after undergoing eye-catching changes.
Barking: Cindy as a dragon. She sits perfectly still for more than two hours while the transformation takes place.