Friday, January 16, 2009

Girl laughs non-stop for 12 years

The Chinese teenager cannot even talk – but has to communicate with different types of GIGGLE.
Xu Pinghui, 13, has stumped doctors ever since she started laughing when she developed a fever as an eight-month-old baby.
Her parents are now desperate to find a cure.
Mom Yang Longying said: "Ever since then she has been laughing uncontrollably.
Her dad Xu Weiming added: "There is no happiness for us. Seeing her laughing we feel even sadder than if she were crying."
But Pinghui has been given new hope after doctors said her brain’s frontal lobe may have been damaged by the fever.
They now plan to carry out a CT scan on the teenager and hope this could provide answers to her mysterious condition.

Dog walks up stairs

Bruno Jr. first learned to walk forwards and backwards on his back legs... now he is walking up stairs with 10 steps!

The Best and Worst Parents


Fake brands shopping center set to open in China

China has confirmed itself as the 'king of counterfeiters' with the building of a new shopping center dedicated to fake brands. Some of the brand impostors at the mall in Nanjing, east of Shanghai, include a McDonalds look-a-like burger bar called McDnoald’s, a Starbucks-style coffee shop called Bucksstar Coffee, and a wannabe Pizza Hut called Pizza Huh.

Not obvious at all..

City bosses are under pressure to ban the soon-to-be opened mall after pictures of the fake stores were leaked, causing uproar amongst angry consumers who feared they'd be ripped off.
"Not every shopper is brand conscious so a lot of people will walk into these stores thinking they are getting the real thing," said an angry shopper in a local newspaper.
The whole idea of this mall is plain dishonest.
"Some fakes are done light-heartedly to be funny, but these stores look so much like the real thing people are going to feel cheated," the shopper added.

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