Saturday, February 16, 2008

Animals are Great

Beaver Dog
Great Expectations
Peek-A-Boo I See You
Professional (Smart Dog)
Where's My Dinner?!

Sites of interest to some people

Woman Applying For New ID Says She's 120 Years Old
Hopping Into The Record Books
Police Arrested Alleged Serial 911 Caller Made More Than 27,000 Calls
Cracking discovery as woman discovers egg in egg
Golden Dress

"The BIG Pink"

Thank God I’m a Country Girl!

Modern Day

Electric Horse

Eagle deployed against cockatoos destroying Australian landmark

Staff at a Melbourne landmark have resorted to unusual methods to try to prevent damage to their building - a wedge-tailed eagle called Zorro. They hope Zorro's presence on the roof of the city's Arts Center will scare away white cockatoos that have been attacking its iconic tower.

The flocks of cockatoos have been pecking at the tiny lights that illuminate the 163-meter spire. So far they have caused more than US$63,000 (£32,000) worth of damage.
Zorro will also be joined by a peregrine falcon named Bibi and the two birds will be brought to the building every day for the next six weeks as a trial. "Cockatoos are part of their prey, so it's a natural solution," Arts Center spokesman Jeremy Vincent said. "The cockatoos aren't hurt, because the predators are tethered to the building, but their presence on the building acts as a deterrent."

Man's life saved by handshake

A handshake was all it took for a doctor to make the astounding diagnosis that would change Mark Gurrieri's life. Mr Gurrieri, 36, was working at a restaurant when a friend there for lunch introduced him to his dining partner, 46-year-old Woodford Green GP Chris Britt.
The men shook hands, and Dr Britt immediately noticed Mr Gurrieri's huge, spongy-feeling hand, and his large facial features. The chance meeting was enough for Dr Britt to realise Mr Gurrieri had acromegaly, the condition responsible for giantism when it occurs in children.
The condition, which causes an excess of growth hormone, is seen in just three people per million, and can have serious effects if left undiagnosed.
Diagnosis By Hand Shake.
A doctor shook a man's hand and detected a rare form of brain tumor which saved his life.

Bits of News

Happy Valentine's Day. Not For Some!
Undercover police officers posing as flower deliverymen on Valentine' Day arrested 23 people with outstanding warrants. The Northglenn officers used a van with a sign saying "Flower Delivery" and knocked on doors bearing a long-stem rose box to net their quarry. Click Here To Read More

Government smoking permit.
A ban on the sale of cigarettes to anyone who does not pay for a government smoking permit has been proposed by Health England, a ministerial advisory board. The permit might cost as little as £10, but acquiring it could be made difficult if the forms were sufficiently complex, Le Grand said last night.
His paper says: "Suppose every individual who wanted to buy tobacco had to purchase a permit. And suppose further they had to do this every year. To get a permit would involve filling out a form and supplying a photograph, as well as paying the fee. Permits would only be issued to those over 18 and evidence of age would have to be provided. The money raised would go to the NHS."Le Grand said the proposal was an example of "libertarian paternalism". The government would leave people free to make their own decisions but it would "nudge them" in the right direction.