Friday, September 28, 2007

Serious Gamer

This Girl Loves Computer Games
I am guessing it is a NEC Plasma.

Girls are nolonger nice and sweet

Police break up brawl at Chuck E. Cheese
Police were called to break up a weekend fight among a rowdy group of teenage girls at the family-themed pizza restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese.
There was more than a dozen girls, between 13 and 16 years old, went berserk in the restaurant's lobby Saturday night, police said.Witnesses said the fight erupted with two girls using profanities near the front entrance and ended with several girls involved in a physical fight.
The group had apparently been dropped off and left alone at the restaurant, known for its singing and dancing animatronics rodents.Assistant Police Chief Alfred Sexton said the incident wasn't the first time Chuck E. Cheese was nearly overrun by unruly teens.
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That's Not in my Job Description

Road Workers Paint Stripes Over Road Kill Instead of Moving it....
This shows how lazy we are getting.

Two-headed turtle

The two-headed red slider turtle has turned up at a reptile center in Pennsylvania, where owners are amazed by its freak appearance.
The unnamed curiosity has two heads on opposite sides of a single shell, as well as six legs and a combined tail.
A collector in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, passed the freak of nature to Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton.
Jay Jacobi, the shop's exotic reptile manager, said: "The two heads seem to have their own thoughts, operating independently."
There are more photos and a news video on this page.

Not Bad Manners But Good Food

Here's a Burping Elephant

'Scohol' zone

Does that mean I can have all the Krispy Kremes I want to eat?


Did You Know.......

What Twinkies are made from?
America is well-known across the globe as a country with an obesity problem, a problem that's become so bad, our snacking habits have turned us into a so-called "Twinkie nation."
Over 500 million of the popular golden cakes are sold each year, but what exactly are they made of? CBS 2's Dr. Holly Phillips decided to dissect the anatomy of a Twinkie, worshiped today on sites across the Web and even on the big screen.
Dr. Phillips says there are 39 ingredients packed into the dessert, and all but one are processed. The ingredients cellulose gum, calcium sulfate, and polysorbate 60 are also used in sheetrock, shampoo, laundry detergent, and even rocket fuel.
Author Steve Ettlinger spent five years tracking down the source of every ingredient found in a Twinkie. "I was surprised that so many not only came from petroleum, but at least five came from rocks," Ettlinger says.
The vitamins, artificial flavors, and colorings all come from petroleum. Phosphates from limestone make Twinkies light and airy. "Sorbic acid is made from natural gas. That really blew my mind," Ettlinger says.
And the creamy middle? "There is no cream in the cream, as they say. It's mostly Crisco," Ettlinger says.