Sunday, August 12, 2007

Come Back Here........ I Said NO!!!

Man Buys Air Conditioner with 8,000 Coins

Staff members in a store in central China's Wuhan city are counting the coins, which were brought by a customer.
It took six staff members in a home appliance store in the city of Wuhan four hours to count the 8,000 coins brought by a customer, who came to buy an air conditioner with these coins.

According the Chutian Metropolis Daily report, the coins, all of them 10 cents each (RMB), were placed in a huge bag. The man left the bag in the store on Thursday morning, telling the salesperson to call him back after they confirm the amount of the money.

According to the report, the anonymous customer explained that he was able to collect lots of coins because of his job and decided to use his collection to buy an air-conditioner.

Would you eat one of these?

Pastries that looks like poop

Fire in the hole!

CHANGPOOL, India: The farmer, a quiet man with an easy smile, has spent a lifetime eating a chili pepper with a strange name and a vicious bite. His mother stirred them into sauces. His wife puts them out for dinner raw, blood-red morsels of pain to be nibbled — carefully, very carefully — with whatever she's serving.Around here, in the hills of northeastern India, it's called the "bhut jolokia" — the "ghost chili." Anyone who has tried it, they say, could end up an apparition."It is so hot you can't even imagine," said the farmer, Digonta Saikia, working in his fields in the midday sun, his face nearly invisible behind an enormous straw hat. "When you eat it, it's like dying." Outsiders, he insisted, shouldn't even try it. "If you eat one," he told a visitor, "you will not be able to leave this place." If you think you've had a hotter chili pepper, you're wrong.
The world should prepare itself.
Though scientific proof that the bhut jolokia got into the record books — it has more than 1,000,000 Scoville units, the scientific measurement of a chili's spiciness — So India is taking its chili to the outside world.