Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People still have to eat


Dad called police after son refused to clean his room

A man called police because his 28-year-old son wouldn't clean his bedroom.
Andrew Mizsak, of Cleveland, Ohio, called 911 after a domestic argument got out of hand.
His son, also called Andrew, had thrown a plate of food across the kitchen table and clinched his fist at his dad when told to clean his room.
Andrew junior, who serves on the local school board, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "I know this looks bad."
Mr Mizsak, who lives with his parents and also works as an independent political consultant, was "crying uncontrollably" after being told to clean his room, according to a police report.

Walls no obstacle for 'Spider Cat'

For most cats, getting stuck outside the house is enough to have them climbing the walls with frustration.
But for daredevil Charlie, being locked out poses no problems.
He scales the two-storey wall of his owner's home to get back inside.
His gravity-defying antics have earned him the nickname "Spider Cat".
And the seven-year-old cat has now become something of a local celebrity among neighbours in Denny, near Falkirk.
Owner Hannah Smith said today: "Charlie miaows at the front door to be let out. So we let him out but no sooner is he let out than he wants back in.
"But if no one hears him at the front door, he then wanders round to the back of the buildings to find the balcony.
"He then climbs up the balcony to get in. So Charlie really goes out the front door and in the back door."
Ms Smith added: "I got him as a wee kitten and out of the litter Charlie was the one that looked most mischievous and I liked that about him. He's certainly lived up to his reputation.
"I think it is totally incredible how Charlie is able to climb up a roughcast wall. I've seen cats climb trees but I've never seen a cat climb a wall. It's amazing."