Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shelter caters for 44-pound cat

Meet Princess Chunky - all 44 pounds of her and just two pounds shy of the 1987 Guinness World Record for overweight cats. Camden County Animal Control Officer Jim McCleery got the call on Friday. There was a stray cat prowling on a patio in the Ashley Run condominium development. "We picked him up and I knew from the get-go it wouldn't fit in the regular cat carrier, so we had to put him in a dog carrier ... it was a big cat, the biggest one this year," said McCleery, of the Camden County Joint Municipal Animal Control Program.
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Addicted to Skateboarding

A pet dog in China is so hooked on skateboarding he has scrapped his daily walk so he can practice.
De Bao followed his owner's son around when he went skateboarding with his friends.
Mr Huang explains: "My son loves skateboarding, and after going out with him for a while, the dog became obsessed with the sport."
To avoid any friction between the pair Mr Huang made a skateboard especially for the dog, who was then seen practicing daily at People's Square in Guangzhou.
De Bao can speed up with his forelegs or hind legs, and is also good at changing directions and stopping.
"When he gets to a high speed, he puts his feet up on the board and enjoys coasting," said Huang's son.

Almost Real Babies

These are actual dolls

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